The Goals

I want to raise as much money as I can for foundations that support the mental health of Veterans, Active duty service men and women, and First Responders.

I want to raise awareness about PTSD and its effects – both on the lives of the people who serve for and protect us, and their families.

I would like to run every ultra-endurance race my cousin Matt ever competed, as well as running some that he never got a chance to compete in. 



I don't actually have a minimum amount I would like to raise for the two organizations I am helping. Both TeamRWB and Wounded Warriors Canada are both organization who I am sorry to say, will likely always need donor support. 


PTSD Awareness

Mental health is still not talked about enough due to the stigma associated with the illness. I want to do my part in raising the awareness about PTSD and mental health. 



Ultimately, I would like to qualify for the Western States 100. This was Matt's first 100 and I would consider it an honour to be able to follow in his footsteps at that race.