This is a big, meaty audacious undertaking and not something I can do on my own. This is where I turn to my friends and family for a little help



Your donation will go a long way to helping the organizations fulfill their missions. Matt was already a fundraiser for TeamRWB and I am continuing that for him. Wounded Warriors Canada is an organization that does great things and I would like to actively help them reach their goals. 


Help Me Race

At a few of the races I am doing this coming year (and in the future) having a race crew and a pacer or two would be REALLY handy. Please take a look at my list of races and let me know if you can help out somehow. 


Do you feel your business can help me in other ways? I am always looking for businesses to partner with to help me with my goals. If nothing else, I could really use a babysitter to look after my kids while I go gallivanting across the countryside in my running shoes. ;) Let me know if you think you can help. See my current partners.