Week Ending November 26th 2017

This past week was an off week to recover from the previous 2 weeks of training. Coach Mike suggested I do the Musagetes 5K held at RIM park. Normally, I am not one to sign up for 5K races since:

A. They hurt...a lot.
B. I seem to have the ultra mindset that if a race doesn't go for at least a couple hours, it isn't worth the drive.

Needless to say this one did hurt quite a bit and what made it worse was that I was completely demoralized by a much younger runner. :)

I have NO problem losing to younger runners. Fact is they have that higher end speed I don't have anymore and well, they are younger. But what this girl did was simply outstanding/murderous. I caught up to her at about the 2K mark and every time I came up on her shoulder she would increase her pace and ease up again just enough to allow me to come up on her shoulder again and then boom, she was off again. It was a masterful display of how to demoralize an opponent and I think if she keeps going with her training, she will be a force some day. It really brought me back to my days running cross country in high school. Same sort of tactics, however, usually it was about who could hang on to the pace the most on a given day. 

To finish my week on Sunday I went for a 1 hour and 15 minute run after dark to test my new headlamp I purchased from wish.com. It was similar to this one, however, the one I purchased says it is 20000 lumens.  It was one of those purchases I wanted to get just to see what it was like. Back when I was at the Grindstone I was talking to Clark the race director about running in the dark and his suggestion was to get as much light as you can to see properly. So I have been testing out different lights to see what works. So the headlamp I purchased is fantastic. I had it on the brightest setting and it lasts for about 1.5 hours which isn't useful at all for an ultra race, however, it is great to use around home. And the light output is great as well. What is my point? Well, I really just wanted to say that I love running at night. The quietness of the road, the tranquility of the night and the opportunity to get out and turn off my mind is something I cherish. Running at night is something I love, I just want to be able to see. :)