What have I gotten myself into!

Two weekends ago I was down in Swoope Virginia to launch my fundraising campaign for this site. While I was there I decided to take a little run on the beginning of the Grindstone course to see what it was like. I actually did two runs, one on Friday night just as it was getting dark and then the next day I went for a longer run. The Friday night one, I had my older headlamp that doesn't really pump out a lot of light and was low on batteries. Once the sun went down and it got dark the forest REALLY changes. I remember when I used to work at a fly in fishing lodge in Northern Ontario and we would wander around the camp at night, what was once familiar quickly became unfamiliar. I was pretty sure I was lost at one point and figured I shouldn't go too far since I didn't really know the area and where I was. The next day, I went longer in the daylight and was in for a big surprise. This is what the course profile looks like:


See that teeny tiny hill on the left hand side right before the number 5? That is how far I went. Needless to say I was knackered. It was constant rocks, skinny trail running and just lots of up. This is what my workout looks like in Trainingpeaks. The red line is my heart rate (see next image), and the green line is my pace. Goes way down on that hill. 

Grindstone Workout.jpg
Grindstone HR.jpg

In terms of my heart rate, the big red block on the right side is my Zone 5 heart rate (anaerobic capacity). Essentially, this image SHOULD be the complete opposite. The big block on the far right SHOULD be on the left (aerobic range). Here is a link to the full workout.
Lets just say I will be working on spending a lot of time in the vertical position on my treadmill this winter.