About Mark

I hate writing/speaking about myself, truly I do. I am always amazed when I get through an interview and get the job considering how bad I am at tooting my own horn. The important pieces of my life are I work at the University of Waterloo at the satellite campus in Stratford. It's a great job where I get to interact with some of the best and the brightest our country has to offer. I have a beautiful and EXTREMELY patient wife named Chantel and two young children who, contrary to what I say publicly, are the light of my lives. They have taught me humility, patience (you should have seen me before), and a love I never dreamed was possible.

I have been a bit of an endurance nut my entire life. I ran cross country and track in high school along with biking/walking/running everywhere. When I hit my 30's I caught the triathlon bug and raced everything from sprint races to a couple of Ironman/Iron Distance races. But for the past 5 or so years, I have lost my passion for triathlon. I have been working out, however, I just didn't have anything to work towards. And then I got the news that my cousin Matt had succumbed to his battle with depression and PTSD and had taken his own life. That hit me a lot harder than I expected as I processed what had just happened. Truth was we hadn't been close at all aside from exchanging emails on Facebook; however, I understood to a small extent what he had been struggling with. I have battled with depression for a good portion of my life and know what it can do to a person's thoughts. Matt's death started me thinking about his family, children and his wife and what he left behind and it eventually led me to think about what I had in my life. I realized that what I loved to do most of all - and had always been the case - was run. I LOVE running. And I especially love trail running. I used to do it as much as I could when I was younger.

Matt has given me a really great gift in that he has re-inspired my love of running For that, I am extremely grateful and will think of him each time I run. And since Matt can no longer run for himself, I will run for him.